Thursday, November 02, 2017

Best Weekly Prepaid in Malaysia

This is my personal experience so if you find a better or cheaper alternative please leave a comment.

So far it seems DiGi and Maxis Hotlink are outdoing each other in the prepaid Internet area.

Let's compare just the weekly prepaid plans. (1Gb overall + 1Gb daily bonus for a week - RM 10):

Personally it's pretty close both of them but DiGi edges Maxis Hotlink because although both offer same amount for their weekly internet (1 Gb) but it's their daily 1Gb bonus that is interesting. Hotlink lets you use the 1Gb bonus any time but limits it to only an hour a day and DiGi lets you use that bonus 1GB between 1pm-7pm. For that alone DiGi is most definitely more flexible.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Used to be my office

This place used to be my office!

Monday, July 24, 2017

SJCAM SJ7 from Lazada

Getting this as it is half the price of the best GoPros out there but it can match it in many areas.

Also, this camera consistently earns high praises from different online reviews. Here is one:-

Sunday, June 18, 2017

128Gb USB thumbdrive @ RM 56 from Lazada

It looked too good to be true and I did have some friends from India raving about how cheap the USB drive they bought on the streets of Masjid India, KL. Something like 128Gb for less than RM 20!! As it turned out the USB drives were rubbish. Windows showed 128Gb space but it was not usable. That was very dishonest of the sellers and I had to show that to my friends right away after testing their too-good be-true purchase.

So when I saw this at Lazada RM 56 for an OTG drive that supports USB 2.0, Lightning interface for iOS and Android devices, it looked too good to be true.

Ordered it online and it arrived two days later.

To read from iOS, I had to download a custom app from the App Store. That worked adequately. I could read from my iPad and transfer files to the OTG thumbdrive.

So is it another fake?

Short answer no.

Initial test shows that 128Gb space is genuine. However performance wise it's quite slow.

Tried copying a DVD sized movie (3.77Gb) over to the OTG drive and the estimated time is 15 minutes. This feels like the old USB 1 speeds. But since I don't really use thumbdrives that often, it is not really an issue.

In conclusion, it's genuine. But I'm probably going to use it just to backup temporary files like my TV shows/movies and temporary transfer medium on my other device like projector or TV. It's okay. You get what you pay for. I needed at least one thumbdrive (I lost all my others) so this will do quite nicely. It's especially useful for clearing up and backing up my limited 16Gb iPad of pictures.