Tuesday, July 02, 2013

RHB phishing scam

I know I won’t fall for it but looking at this email I can think of many people who would fall for this email scam.
The “validate profile” link (below) itself does not even refer to the RHB official website (www.rhb.com.my).

The title and content of the email is compelling as anyone does not want their account to be locked due to inactivity. It also sounds valid as banks usually put your online account into "inactive" state preventing you from logging in until you have verified yourself by calling their support or via some other method.

I am putting this here to warn anyone not to click on the link and type in your RHB passwords as that malicious site will steal your credentials and use it to log in to your real RHB account and relieve you of your savings !! Beware!!
For your information, RHB will never ask you to revalidate your account by clicking a link and neither does any other local banks like Maybank, Hong Leong, CIMB etc.