Thursday, August 04, 2005

You going PC Fair this weekend?

It's that time of the year again. PC Fair is here!!

This coming weekend (5th to the 7th August) Pikom is holding the largest IT flea market in the country. PC Fair is held 3 times annually.

The event used to be held at the Putra World Trade Center. However this time, Pikom’s PC Fair will be held at the all new Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre which is beside the Petronas Twin Towers

I went last year and it was a mess! It was so jam-packed I couldn't really see all the new stuff on display. Bought a cheap 256Mb thumb drive after comparing prices for hours.

The funny thing was, a week later, the same thumbdrive was sold RM5 cheaper at Low Yat Plaza.

Man, what a waste of my time. So I'm thinking twice about going this time. What about you ??

Radio Australia - News - Malaysian haze expected to worsen

According to : Radio Australia - News - Malaysian haze expected to worsen: "Last Updated 04/08/2005, 03:42:10

Malaysian officials says an acrid haze hanging over western Malaysia, including the capital Kuala Lumpur, could worsen in the next few days.

The haze has been blamed on the fires in the Indonesian provinces in Riau and northern Sumatra, as well as blazes in Indonesia's Kalimantan and Malaysia's eastern state of Sarawak.

States in central-western Malaysia, including Perak, Selangor, Malacca and Negri Sembilan were worst hit. "

Chess players in the movies

Chess players in the movies: "Chess shows up a lot in the movies, often for no other reason than to make the protagonist seem smart or sophisticated. It's frequently used in advertisements for the same reason.

But it's obvious - at least to chess players - that most ad designers don't play chess. The tip-off is in the way the board is set up. More often than not you'll see a dark square at each player's right, but that square is always light in chess. Check it out the next time you see a chessboard in an ad. "

So far the only chess related movie I've watched is The Luzhin Defence which is okay I guess but potrays chess grandmasters as truly eccentric people. I think that's not entirely true. They are human too.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Highest hits since Nov 7 2004

One of my website had a sudden surge of hits yesterday. It usually gets around 50-100 hits a day. But yesterday it hit 4000+. Unbelievable.

The website is a fan club on the strongest female chess player ever - Judit Polgar.

Just last week I 'improved' the website look by changing the theme to use one of the more popular Kubrick theme.

Here's how it looks :

Someone calling himself dumb web programmer accused me of stealing the theme from LiewCF.Com.

That's totally bull sh*t. I modified the theme from Xoops Kubrick offered free by someone. I know LiewCF also has a 3 column kubrick thingy but it's in WordPress a totally different type of software. I'm using XOOPS-a content management software (CMS) and not a blogging software for that website.

Anyway, I'm happy with the high one day traffic. Don't know it's because of the news that I posted (nothing special) or the new theme I used. (maybe a combination??)

Every second one blog

BBC NEWS | Technology | One blog created 'every second'

Can you believe that? Somewhere in the the world, someone is posting a blog. And it's done every second.

Ha ha... I can't even find time to blog once every week.