Saturday, July 28, 2007

A professor vs a jobless blogger

This is A/Professor Andrew Ooi from the University of Melbourne. I am very concerned that you feel a need to knock me off the Google No. 1 spot I rightly dominate. If you wish to discuss face-to-face (so to speak) please call me on +61 3 XXXX XXXX
(I edited out the phone no. for privacy)

Wow. Professor Andrew Ooi actually know of my intentions to erase him from the first page of Google for the search term "Andrew Ooi" (we share the same name!)

I guess for a Phd holder and lecturer, it's pretty natural for him to be cocky and say that the Google no. 1 spot is rightly dominated by him. Can't blame him too. What am I? I'm just a jobless blogger.

However, I thank him for his response because it really puts fire in my veins and escalates my own determination to wipe him out of existence online. At least on the first page of Google :)

Ok professor. I accept your challenge and may the best "Andrew Ooi" win.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Problem with LRT

Great my second last day of work and the LRT breaks down. Wonder if I can go home? Just walked back to office and complete my handover task. Hope it'll be fixed by the time I leave..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Online coupons deals

I love coupon deals. They are updated daily and have some pretty sweet deals.

Here's one I like. It's the BlueAnt 093744 Compact Bluetooth Speakerphone which I read online that it has some pretty cool features and costs about USD 99. However, with the coupon from it only costs RM66.93. That's a whopping USD 33 savings.

Besides that I regret not telling my sister who recently bought a Sony VAIO VGNSZ491N/X. If I told her about, she would have saved USD 300 off her purchase from the SonyStyle offer coupon page.. What a waste.

Anyway, if you are in the market to purchase something online, don't forget to check out first. You don't want to miss out any big savings coupon now do you?


Learning CakePHP is hard

I've been trying to learn and practice developing web applications using frameworks.

It's a completely new paradigm for me as I've always programmed in the traditional way. Sure, I use classes, objects and reusable function. I don't program in spaghetti code! However the idea of Model, View and Controller is just too confusing for me.

I will definitely persevere and try to learn this. The promised benefits are just too great to ignore using frameworks. I hope to come up with a working web app using CakePHP in a few month's time.

Wish me luck!

Going to Singapore

4 more days before going jobless and I may be going to Singapore for a week to cover the World Chess U16 Olympiad. I hope I can get a digital camera by then as it would really suck if I went there cameraless.

Anyway, looking forward for the Malaysian Open right after that on the 20th August. That will be the biggest chess event in Malaysia for the year. Already planning to create lots of free tools to market and introduce to the "chess people" at the tournament. It's the best exposure I can get so I better not waste that chance.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Score Reading Tutors

reading tutors
Being in the teaching industry for over 10 years I am always interested in teaching methods to young minds. Took a look at Score Learning centres which looks to be quite innovative. I love the fact they emphasise on instilling young learners with the passion to learn ("When they love to learn, they'll learn.")

They have many programs including math and reading tutors. I am sold after lookng at their impressive teaching methods. I would send my kids there when they reach 4 years of age because that's the minimum age which they accept for their students. For other parents who have kids between 4 to 14 years of age, then you should check out Score. Also don't miss the video they have on showing how they work (click on the Watch us work link)

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Friday, July 06, 2007

21 days before going jobless

I resigned and gave my official one month notice on the 29th of July. So in exactly 3 weeks I will be jobless.

It's a funny feeling actually looking forward to be free from the tyranny a full time job. Scary too because unlike people like LiewCF and HongKiat who earn more than their previous day job, I have not really made more than my salary yet. It would seem premature to resign but I strongly believe that I can make it in 3 months. Online income is only 60% of my current salary. I will report my results in

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Remember the pre-dot bomb era?

Companies are trying to make their workplace more attractive by loosening up a little.

Take this company in Malaysia called MindValley.

Developers there are on 20" LCD monitors and have a notebook each as well as other perks such as free soft drinks etc. Cool eh?

In Malaysia I know it has now become the employee's marketplace as I've gotten job offers these past few weeks even though I'm not looking for a job :).  Good times ...

iPhone not available in Malaysia

June 29th was the launch of the iPhone in the US but there's no news yet whether the product will be here in Malaysia. Apple mentioned a worldwide release but I guess that's not a simultaneous worldwide release.

Bummer. :(

Uneasy Relationship:Malaysian Bloggers - Media

The Star was one of the first media sites in Malaysia to recognise the bloggers, but that doesn't mean that the relationship has always been smooth. Remember, two high profile bloggers here have been sued for defamation by The New Straits Times. The suit only seems to have united the local blogging community.

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