Thursday, May 01, 2014

Exabytes is so yesterday


Another reason to love cloud hosting on Digital Ocean. I didn't even realise I was late in payment for my sites. My local webhost, Exabytes, would shut down all my sites if I am even one day late in payment even though I am their customer for over 7 years.

My complaints on malware attacks have resulted in me being blamed instead. My sites on GoDaddy and Digital Oceans don't get ANY malware attacks so I am pretty sure I cannot be blamed as I practice the same things on all three webhost.

At Digital Ocean my sites are still alive despite me being a month late (not on purpose on my part). All my sites are still up and alive.

Anyway, I will definitely move out my content and gradually get out of Exabytes. Digital Ocean here I come!







Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Diasppointing connection with Maxis @ Teluk Intan

Giant replaces ice cream

To their credit Giant do take customer feedback seriously and they have apologized and replace my four boxes of ice cream. Although it was 3 days later, I checked my phone to see missed calls from Giant only an hour after I made the complaint thru their website. 

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Diasspointed with Giant Teluk Intan

Bought 4 boxes of ice cream during Chinese New Year 2 days ago from Giant Teluk Intan.
A big disappointment because there was ICE in it. Sure it's ice cream but it had literally ice in it.
It's common when ice cream has melted and then re-refregerated. Cruncy ice cream when it's supposed to be creamy? Definitely a disappointment. Giant Teluk Intan please do not let this happen again. I still buy at Giant but I definitely stay away from your ice cream. If that is how you treat the ice crew, it puts the other frozen food in doubt too.

A friend of mine commented that he had the same experience.

Those of you having similar experience don't just keep quiet. Let Giant know at their feedback page:
I have sent in my complaint. I'll update this blog if Giant respond (or not).