Saturday, March 08, 2008

LiewCF making money on auto-pilot

Liew was gone for almost a month and according to his latest post, he still make almost the same amount from his monthly online income.

That's truly auto-pilot earnings in my books. Of course according to him it's the momentum of his 3000 posts he has written and if he stops he feels that the income will drop. Still, to earn the same amount while doing nothing for one whole month is a great feat for passive income!

Finally, Prof Andrew Ooi is knocked down

Professor Andrew Ooi website has finally fallen from No. 1 postition to no.2 yesterday.

After almost a year of trying, I finally took back the no.1 spot for Google Search for my own name - Andrew Ooi.


I still take 5/10 positions on the first page but the prof is still holding on to a strong no.2 and no.3 position. The next few months I want to take over those 2 positions also!! It's a matter of time ...