Friday, May 20, 2016

'Upgraded' to LTE DiGi SIM card

Just happen to pass by the DiGi shop in Teluk Intan after finishing some banking at RHB. I remembered reading my SIM card had to be upgraded first before I can get LTE speeds. DiGi is pretty slow in LTE technology. That's one of the reason I got another Maxis SIM card last year just to get LTE something I didn't want to as I wanted to stick to only one telco.

I remember reading that it can be done free of charge so I went in the shop to get the free SIM card.  However the  customer support  at DiGi told me there is a RM 10.60 charge for 'LTE activation'. Oh well, so much for free.

I got it and had to top my prepaid account by RM 20 since they can only top up in increments of RM10. Darn 60cents for GST  :(

Got the SIM card and DiGi told me to wait  10 minutes for activation before it can be used.

Actually it was only less than that as almost immediately my old SIM cannot be used. So I took it out and replaced it with the new SIM.

Tested the internet speeds and didn't notice much difference.

It was faster (about 20Mbps) in the centre of town. The above is the speed I got at home (no LTE just HSPA according to the 'H+' sign on the phone).

Shouldn't complain much as this is much better than the speeds I got last year and I have the satisfaction knowing both the SIM cards in my phone (DiGi and Maxis) are now LTE.