Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remember the video taping days ?

Want to see that favourite TV show but not around to watch it during it's show time? Just video tape it. That's what we did 20 years ago. Those were the days..

Today we have YouTube, torrents, Astro DVR etc. Show the kids today what we used to watch our favourite media and I think they would think it's hilarious.

Anyway, today this is what I use.

Some "cloud" storage and some free service to "tape" my favourite shows :-

showRSS (
This is where I find my TV torrents as soon as they are available. It's a free service to track all your favourite TV shows. 

I even have another free service from IFTTT to popup notification on my handphone and iPad as soon as a TV episode is released. Gone are the days of watching the TV program section of the newspaper to know when your favourite programs are on.

Many of the shows are so recent they are almost always ahead of our local ASTRO cable tv.

I use a "cloud" storage service like when I am away from my normal broadband connections. Services like TMNet Streamyx on a slow 1mbps connection actually throttle your internet downloads speeds to 2-3 Kbps if you are downloading torrent. They don't slow down UNIFI though. Double standards if you ask me. Anyway using cloud services like I get  speeds of 100Kbps which is the max speed on a 1mbps account anyway. is a paid service but they have a free limited account too you can register and get 1 Gb of storage with maximum of 5 torrents. That's more than enough for me to get all my regular TV shows.