Thursday, October 27, 2005

Andreessen: PHP succeeding where Java isn't | CNET

The simplicity of scripting language PHP means it will be more popular than Java for building Web-based applications, Internet browser pioneer Marc Andreessen predicted Wednesday in a speech here at the Zend/PHP Conference.

That article warms my heart as PHP is my favourite language of choice for web programming.

Don't get me wrong as I don't have anything against Java. In fact, I have been teaching Java for several years and it's been my bread and butter for all that time.

However I've never used Java in work. PHP is still no. 1 in my books.

Java is just too slow and unwieldly for many things that I want to do.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In Brief: Zend Core for Oracle available | InfoWorld | News | 2005-10-12 | By InfoWorld staff

In Brief: Zend Core for Oracle available | InfoWorld | News | 2005-10-12 | By InfoWorld staff:

"Zend Core for Oracle accelerates the building and deployment of mission-critical, PHP-based Web applications. Zend Core for Oracle also offers an updated PHP 'OCI8' driver to connect with the Oracle Database, providing enhanced reliability, stability, and performance for Oracle Database-driven Web applications.

Oracle offers free downloads of the products from

Zend Core for Oracle is also available at "

This is very timely as I was looking for a way of using PHP+ORACLE on AIX 64 bit platform.

It was a big headace doing this "by hand" on Linux and finally a friend of mine, Yan, solved it by installing the RPM version.

Then, at work they wanted it to work on AIX and since we have the Linux step-by-step, the AIX installation "should be easy" as AIX is similiar to Linux (so they say).

How wrong we were!! The installation steps were full of problems. Compiling PHP + OCI8 libraries just couldn't give an error-free result. After weeks of wasted time on failed installation, Zend package is a saviour. Just had to run install and voila! We had what we needed.

Thank you Zend!!

PS: Zend COre is FREE!