Sunday, September 18, 2005

Birthday Today

It's my birthday today. The year in review.

The bad:

  • I lost two of my grandmothers this year. My paternal grandmother passed away in April and my maternal grandmother passed away in August. I will miss them both dearly.

    The good:
  • Doing PHP programming again.
  • My chess website is successful hosting news of 2 of the biggest chess events in Malaysia at here, here and here
  • Met top chess players like GM Utut Adianto, 16 year old GM Wang Hao, World Junior Champ GM Koneru Humpy etc

    I spent the whole day with my wife at home. A luxury we rarely share nowadays with work and other commitment. We watched "Lost" episodes on DVD the whole day.

    After that, a nice dinner together. It was perfect!!