Sunday, September 18, 2005

Birthday Today

It's my birthday today. The year in review.

The bad:

  • I lost two of my grandmothers this year. My paternal grandmother passed away in April and my maternal grandmother passed away in August. I will miss them both dearly.

    The good:
  • Doing PHP programming again.
  • My chess website is successful hosting news of 2 of the biggest chess events in Malaysia at here, here and here
  • Met top chess players like GM Utut Adianto, 16 year old GM Wang Hao, World Junior Champ GM Koneru Humpy etc

    I spent the whole day with my wife at home. A luxury we rarely share nowadays with work and other commitment. We watched "Lost" episodes on DVD the whole day.

    After that, a nice dinner together. It was perfect!!

    SatishTalim said...

    Best wishes Andrew.

    Soulknitting said...

    Happy Birthday Andrew!! Many blessings to you!! Liked your blog. How do you get the midi files to load to your blog so they are downloadable? I couldn't view the source code but if you can send me to a site where I could learn to do that I would so appreaicate that. I've never seen that done before. Is it just a regular link? Or is the midi actually hosted on the blog? It's a very cool option.

    I've never been to Malaysia but have always wanted to go. The food looks wonderful! I have a blog-friend that I follow in Napel. My 'arm-chair travel' for fun. Please stay well and again, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    "Do not seek perfection in a changing world. Instead, perfect you love." -- Buddha's Little Instruction Book.

    Andrew Ooi said...

    Hi soulknitting,

    The midi options is actually from Media Plazza. I signed up some time ago to earn some referral money from selling mobile ring tones.

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