Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Online coupons deals

I love KeepCash.com coupon deals. They are updated daily and have some pretty sweet deals.

Here's one I like. It's the BlueAnt 093744 Compact Bluetooth Speakerphone which I read online that it has some pretty cool features and costs about USD 99. However, with the coupon from KeepCash.com it only costs RM66.93. That's a whopping USD 33 savings.

Besides that I regret not telling my sister who recently bought a Sony VAIO VGNSZ491N/X. If I told her about KeepCash.com, she would have saved USD 300 off her purchase from the SonyStyle offer coupon page.. What a waste.

Anyway, if you are in the market to purchase something online, don't forget to check out KeepCash.com first. You don't want to miss out any big savings coupon now do you?


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