Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Highest hits since Nov 7 2004

One of my website had a sudden surge of hits yesterday. It usually gets around 50-100 hits a day. But yesterday it hit 4000+. Unbelievable.

The website is a fan club on the strongest female chess player ever - Judit Polgar.

Just last week I 'improved' the website look by changing the theme to use one of the more popular Kubrick theme.

Here's how it looks :

Someone calling himself dumb web programmer accused me of stealing the theme from LiewCF.Com.

That's totally bull sh*t. I modified the theme from Xoops Kubrick offered free by someone. I know LiewCF also has a 3 column kubrick thingy but it's in WordPress a totally different type of software. I'm using XOOPS-a content management software (CMS) and not a blogging software for that website.

Anyway, I'm happy with the high one day traffic. Don't know it's because of the news that I posted (nothing special) or the new theme I used. (maybe a combination??)


LcF said...

there is no such thing as stealing even you take my theme. It is open source, everyone can take it and modify.

Anyway, I guess somebody took my theme and modified for Xoops, who knows. :)

Don't need angry lah~

Andrew Ooi said...

Not angry la.

Just irritated someone would accuse me of stealing. Anyway I guess there's a reason why that guy calls himself a "dumb web programmer". No arguments from me there :)

Anyway the XOOPS theme was only 2 column Kubrick. I myself modified it to 3 column Kubrick.