Tuesday, June 14, 2005

DIGI's does not support SMS roaming

Here's my experience using DIGI's mobile phone roaming service in Indonesia.
Get this. DIGI prepaid does not support SMS roaming!!
I felt isolated as I can't even message my loved ones in Malaysia while
my friends using 012 in Indonesia enjoyed the facility to SMS back to Malaysia.

I've been happy with DIGI so far as I have used it's GPRS services to
blog from my mobile phone as well as post pictures direct to my blog (from phone too!).

Anyway, lesson learnt. Next time I'll get a 012 prepaid (temporary) when I go over again.

Oh should add that I can receive SMS in Jakarta from Malaysia but I cannot send any SMS from Jakarta.


Suresh said...

You can try using DJuice and sending an email if it's urgent. SMS is only available for those of us who use postpaid lines on Digi

pIN VaDeR said...

Really??.. I dun know that. I enjoyed to used DIGI but maybe i have to used Maxis while i abroad oversea. Maybe.... My Blog Adress - blog.akarbuana.com -