Friday, April 04, 2008

Just joined

I just saw someone blog about so I joined to find out what's this Pay Per Click program is all about.

Apparently you will be served an ad for 20 seconds and after that you earn 2 cents for that. You then click on other ads and go thru the "stare at the ad" process again. 2 cents is definitely not much but it's the referral program is where programs like this attract people and I guess that's their main revenue model.

For example, I entered a "what-if" scenario where I got 5 people referred under me.


That's USD 189.00 per month. Not bad. But that's assuming all my 5 referrals are active participants and click on ads everyday and there are at least 18 ads available everyday. I will try this program out and report back later to see if program is even worth anybody's time.

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Greenleaf said...

Thanks for joinning under my referral in ;-)

I'm making USD1.11 in two days. I hope it ill increase faster tomorrow. You can also make money faster using by buying referrals.

Have a nice day!!!