Thursday, July 02, 2015

Uber model for Express Delivery ?

At the post officenow to send a hgeavy package.

Ok la.. rm 31.80 to send 10 kg of parcel.

Hmmm here's an idea.. use the Uber model to get anyone interested in doing delivery within the area to make the delivery ad-hoc!


Name the service and app "UberPost Expresso". :)


Customers win coz they get their delivery fast and cheap. Wins for Motor cyclist, motorist without work can become part delivery workers to earn extra cash .

I for one wouldn't mind paying RM 20 for instance instead of RM 31.80.


Downside of course is the trust issue. Just like Uber, do I trust the rider/driver? But unlike Uber the dangers are less as it is the package at risk and not my person. All of it can be elleviated with driver/delivery rider ratngs on trustability and personal record.



Will be in direct competition with Dhl, post laju etc.


Good idea, yes?


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