Thursday, January 14, 2016

Exabytes - bad local webhost!

The past couple of weeks I've been fired up against the webhost that killed of two of my main websites that has been running for 10 years or so. Why? I saw their Facebook ads talking about their great service etc and I couldn't stand it. All because of incompetence and they have grown so big they really don't care about the smaller customers that they built their business on.

Anyway, after weeks of pouring out my experience on social media and blogs I was curious to see if that had any impact on search engines with the key word "Exabytes"

3rd and 4th place is two of my blog post!

Granted it's only from Google plus but I am sure more organic links will popup after some time. Also my anger towards the bad service I got from Exabytes has not abated so you can safely expect more posts from my favourite local webhosting company - Exabytes.


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