Friday, June 10, 2016

DiGi is TOO MUCH. They cheated me!

DiGi was just 'TOO MUCH'. I changed my prepaid plan to Smart Prepaid and was grateful it was done FOC.

However, my RM 30 subscription for 2.25 Gb internet for the month was immediately cancelled. No refund too ! So that's RM 30 down the drain.. and it was the first day of subscription  too so I didn't even get to use the Internet subscription I paid for.

So seeing their above image banner on DiGi website makes me really mad!  "We don't pull the plug on you" says Digi. Right!! :(

Update: Posted this link to DiGi Facebook page and their response is to PM them the details. I have done that and awaiting any reply (if at all).

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