Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A mother and world class chess master

Judit Polgar returned to the chess scene with a vengeance taking 4th place in the recent Corus tournament.

What's fantastic about this is that she has not been playing serious chess for a long time. Most male GMs would struggle to find form after a few months lay off from chess. Here is Judit performing as if she never left. And the ONE YEAR absence from professional chess meant did nothing to slow her down.

What's more is she did it with a new responsibility of becoming a new mother. Thus this is a fantastic feat - I received many emails from readers who are mothers telling me how difficult it is to balance a career as well as raising a child.

Among the unlucky GMs were GM Topalov and GM Peter Svidler who fell to Judit's agressive and uncompromising style of play. As her results were better than expected, her ELO will have a slight rise. This would also mean she will be reinstated as one of the world's top 10 chess player (after being inactive for one year).

Welcome back Judit...

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