Saturday, May 28, 2005

First time overseas

This is my first time overseas (Singapore not counted).

I am in Jakarta and this is day 3. So far it looks like Malaysia but also pretty foreign at the same time. For example, I can't really see a racial difference in Jakarta as what I see back home. There is no Chinese, Indian and Malay culture. I just see ONE culture and it's Indonesian. The people here look alike too.

As for food, it's pretty cheap and it's pretty good. I've sampled some Sudanese spicy food (without incident).


SuRfNuX said...

hohoho Nice review on Indonesia. But what you see is Jakarta. Jakarta has the most population of Indonesians. The chinese were scattered around. Enjoy your trip in Indonesia. You could try out to go to "Puncak" - some highland area with lots of nice place to relax, apart from the traffic jam for going there and back.

Mind if I ask something? Are you working or still studying?

Andrew Ooi said...

I am working there (here at the moment).

SuRfNuX said...

oh I see. So you are working in Indonesia. Wish you a nice stay.