Friday, December 16, 2005

Benefits of Lecithin

Benefits of Lecithin:

* Breaks up fats and cholesterol, Excellent for a healthy heart
* Highest Phosphatide concentration available (98% or more!)
* Rich source of GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid)
* Helps the body utilize Vitamins A,D,E and K
* Excellent for memory, concentration and recall
* Cleanses liver and kidneys
* Helps the body absorb nutrients

Why am I posting this here. Well just as a reminder to myself.

I've been taking Lecithin in capsule form consistently for months and have noticed profound improvements in my mental stamina.
Particularly in gruelling one day chess tournament where I'm usuall mentally exhausted near the end of the tournament.

However lately from my own chess results, I've seen a marked improvement.

I've finished 11th place 3 times !!! Previously I'd be usually hovering around 30th position.

Imagine or not, I'm a firm believer of letcithin. Anyway, not to turn this into a commercial sounding blog, I won't even mention the brand I'm taking :)
It'll remain a secret in case my would be chess competitors are out there reading this...

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