Wednesday, December 21, 2005

First day in Indonesia

Indonesia Day 1

  • 3.10pm leave for Sentral station
  • 3.30pm bought tickets for the express
  • 3.45pm took the KLIA express from Sentral station reached KLIA in 28minutes.
  • Air Asia arrived without incident at Hatta airport at 7.10pm.

  • Got 'hassled' by taxi runners who wanted us to take their taxi. Wanted to take the Blue Bird because it uses the meter so it would not cost a bomb.

    The last time I was here at Hatta Airport, Blue Bird cost 100,000 Rp plus 16,000 surcharge. We finally found the counter outside the Airport near the Mc Donalds. Seeing this the runners reduced their taxi charge from 100,000 to 200,000 Rp without surcharge. So we took the runner Taxi which was a Volvo cab. Well it was a big mistake as when we reached the Hotel he changed the fare to 150,000 Rp. So it was a good lesson for me. Take the Blue Bird cab from the proper Blue Bird rep counter. Avoid the 'independant' people who walk around looking for suckers like me.

    The counter is just outside of Mc D. (note to self so that I won't forget this next time if I ever come to Indonesia again)

  • 9.05 checked in.
  • 9.15 got into our deluxe room (upgraded)
  • 9.30 tried to walk to nearest food court at Sarina from Hotel.
  • 10.00 Too far so we settled for Mamak style food. Had Soto Ayam with Taufu. Drinks 'teh botol'. Total cost: 27,000Rp.
  • 10.30 back in Hotel room.
  • watched TV while preparing this blog
  • 1am sleep.

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