Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5xmom appears in The Star newspaper

Well it's her blog anyway. She says her blog appears on The Star today. I'll have to buy a copy on my way back from work afterwards.

Then again, my Make$ Money$ got mentioned is an honour already. Just to make it clearer, I have made RM1,400 since nuffnang was launched.
Chan Lilian or 5xmom actually makes big bucks from her 10 or more websites (mostly blogs) and she is quite a character. Very outspoken and quite popular judging from her 3000 unique visitors per day on one of her blogs. I can't even get 100 visitors :(

Anyway, folks, if you want a sifu or mentor on money making 5xmom is a very good choice.

Check her out on 5xmom.com and chanlilian.net (she should have booked chanlilian dot com :) )

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5xmom.com said...

Hehehe, thanks for the mention. Really very small column only lah, one para oni. Actually, dot com has been taken long time before I bought my domain. But dot org is mine mine mine now. Hehehe.