Monday, May 28, 2007

Converted PostNuke website to WordPress

My main website, was running on PostNuke for 6 years already!!

However, after using WordPress for quite some time I find that WordPress can actually act as a better Content Management System (CMS).

So last Sunday night when I recovered from my fever, I just installed WordPress over to see how it looked with my old GilaChess content. It looks great!! Also another bonus is that I get to keep my old content without overwriting the old CMS files. So I didn't have to go thru the headache of converting all the old content to WordPress. Instead I just link to the old content and will probably call the link "archive".

Another reason is WordPress is better at bringing in the search engines. I want Google to know exists!

I'm confident with WordPress my site will rise in traffic rankings from Google, Alexa and Technorati in no time.

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