Monday, January 03, 2005

Chess players from China

Xie Jun, Xu Yuhua (center) and Zhao Xue

Xu Yuhua - the Chinese player I played against in a simul in August and almost drew. She is one of China's strongest players.

Belown is a picture of her in action on August 28 2004 when she was in Malaysia.

I'm hidden behind the other 2 players wearing caps. FYI, she beat everybody (about 20 boards). I was the last one playing against her. I resigned and she asked me "Why?" and proceeded to show me how I could hold a draw. Man it was embarassing ... just shows that you should never give up even if things look bad...

I've learnt from that experience and never gave up even in a losing position and have resulted in many narrow wins in my favour :)


Dzof said...

Yah, dude. Never give up. Winners hate losing - know the story about Spassky vs Fischer in 72? When Spassky lost his first game, he stepped outside to get some fresh air... and promptly threw up.

Though I'm not suggesting that you throw up over young female GMs, you understand.

Andrew Ooi said...

Yeah. Valuable lesson this. Applies in life too of course but I've definitely get to play more interesting games. Got into a time scramble with another women FM in a recent games but lost. Still satisfied I can make a titled player sweat... even it if is a girl..