Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Thanks Java

Java - is just a programming language. I'm a programmer but Java was never my favourite programming language.

I hated it then when it first launched back in 1993 - I just couldn't see any real applications for Java besides running silly animation applets.

My favourite language was Pascal, later, it was
PHP - a web programming language. But never Java.

However, it was Java that paid for my living for almost 2

I taught Java part time for six months. Then, taught it for another
2 years by giving Java tuition when I was jobless.

Later I tried applying for jobs involving Java but never
got hired because many employees don't trust programming
teachers. I think it's the adage "Those who can do - teach".

Later I applied and succressfully got my dream job doing web programming. Guess what?

The project I worked on was only short term so after it ended my boss threw me with a bunch of Java programmers and now I'm doing Java !!!


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SatishTalim said...

I got hooked on to Java during it's Beta days in 1995 and 10 years down the line I am still hooked. Java's done a lot for me. Thanks Java.