Friday, January 21, 2005

Petaling Street Hor Fun

Corner Shop Lum Hor Fun

That's my favourite food! What is it? It's just Hor Fun drenched in mouth watering sauce (donno made of what). Oh it's NOT HALAL to avoid misunderstandings with our Muslim readers.
The price is quite reasonable - RM3.50 (large)

  • Shredded Chicken
  • Pork (not halal)
  • Mushrooms

You can find it a a shop near Petaling Street.

Here's 2 pictures to guide you to exactly where you can find it.

It's sold by a nice lady and her husband there at the ground floor of "Hotel Lok Ann".

The shop (in Hotel Lok Ann) is just across Petaling Street main entrance (near the traffic lights).

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mwt said...

The "Hor Fun" in the shop in Jln Sultan (diagonally opposite the old Popular Book store) is much better I think.

RM4 for a bowl and its "Sooi Kau" is also good. Comparable to the Ipoh Hor Fun in Jln Theatre.