Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bid to win prizes

Here's an interesting online contest. You can win USD $50,000 or a mercedes. All you have to do is guess the lowest unique number to win. If you don't win you don't have to fret. You can get discounts in the rewards store for some top gears. Try out www.bid4prizes.com to win some really cool prizes. Imagine driving home a Mercedes.

Well if not for the Mercedes I think the next coolest item they have there is the Transformers Animated iPod/MP3 Speakers. The one featured is Bumble Bee complete with lights from his eyes. There are also several great notebooks up for grabs at this unique website.

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toy said...

Mystarbid - The lowest unique bid website
Mystarbid is a website run by the Malaysian registered company and has four services center in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Mystarbid are where products are placed on auction with the following rules: Bidders are asked to place their bid, a bid which they think no one else will duplicate, and the successful bidder will be the one with the LOWEST UNIQUE BID.


people just get the n95 with only usd1.03..check this out