Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ireland : Emeral Isle

I had a pen pal a long time ago (before there was an Internet!) and she lived in Ireland. It's a magnificent country from the impressions I got from the letters as well as my own research in libraries.

I love the natural green beauty that still scatters the landscape in most of Ireland. It wasn't called the Emerald Isle for nothing you know.

The first place I would like to visit is Dublin. The Guiness Sorehouse, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Castle are on my checklist for place to visit.I also checked that there are many dublin hotels listed online. I don't care much for the price because I'd be spending most of my time outdoors!

Other places of interest I would like to visit is the Cardiff castle and the Llandaff Cathedral. Again I've bookmarked some cardiff hotels sites I may want to stay in. If I have time I would like to visit Newcastle as well as Leeds. Again there are some good bargain newcastle hotels as well as leeds hotels I will go for.

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