Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A day in the life of a jobless blogger

Got up early in the morning to collect my camera that I bought via pos laju.

Apparently they sent it to the house but no one was at home. They didn't even leave the custmorary reminder notice in my letter box to inform me. Luckily the seller gave me a tracking number and I logged in to Pos Laju website and entered the number to find out that it was returned back to headquarters.

I researched on the web and heard horror stories about how Pos Laju just lost stuff after it failed to reach its destination and returned back to Pos Laju headquarters.

So you can imagine how anxious I was when I got to Pos Laju.

The pictures below means that I was lucky that the camera was not lost.

It's a Panasonic Lumix 5 Megapixel with 6x optical zoom. A budget camera at RM 400.

Since it was already lunch time I made my way yo Petaling Street to have a nice hawker style lunch.

Had Lum Mee across Petaling Street at Hotel Lok Ann.

I then walked over to Klang Bus Stand (Pasar Seni) to get my trip back. Paid for the RM2 daily ticket so can reuse it again. That's a big savings. RM2 to and fro KL.

Self portrait of myself in the bus.

Lots of place to sit behind but there's guy who insisted of standing beside the bus driver.

When the bus is moving I find out why. He is one of those who needs to talk to the driver.

Man I hate those type of people. His voice is high pitched for a man and hurts my ears. Not to mention he is distracting the bus driver!! The picture is a 6x zoom. Not bad huh? The camera has anti-shake features so the "head-shot" is pretty clear.

The bus did not crash and I did not die. Reached home safely

My dog MiMi greets me at the gate.

I go in and begin typing this blog article...

Ah it's finished.

That's a typical boring day of a jobless blogger for you. :)

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5xmom.com said...

LOL, boring or not, I read from head to tail. You forget to mention how much USD you made along the way.

Andrew Ooi said...

That was the 'momentous' day I beat 5xmom in PPP temporarily for the first half day :)

It was USD 44.50 - the highest I've ever got in a day. But embarassing as it's chicken feed la for 5xmom... right ? :)