Monday, August 06, 2007

Wow I rank no 1 for "Pikom Disaster"

In my Chess Patzer blog I talked about how the current PC Fair was no longer as attractive as it was to me and to many other techies. I title it Pikom PC Fair a disaster?

Google picked it up and now for the no.1 search for "Pikom disaster" that article will come up.
I guess a PR4 blog does carry some weight. Though the keyword "Pikom disaster" probably has no monetory value, I can see why companies with the idea of using blogs to do advertising like PPP is good business.

In case Pikom is reading this, I didn't really mean anything by that post. Just a discussion and personal opinion. Anyway my second post in that blog, I said it was NOT a disaster :)

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KA® said...

don't feel insulted but i'm worth the same as well :)