Monday, August 06, 2007

Latina Dating

In this day and age, finding your partner using an online dating site is no longer as cheesy as it sounds. I know many people who have met online and after going out for dates, end up happily married.

Take this site called Latina Romance where latin singles looking for other hispanic/spanish partners can find a matching date. I like the way how the website protects a person identity even though you want to advertise as much as yourself as possible. For example, anonymous users an only see the first picture that members post. To see additional pictures of that same person, you'd have to be registered and logged in.

Registering as a member is easy and once you are in, you can find thousands of thousands of latin singles that one day may become your life partner. Features available to members are ability to upload your photos, send email to potential mates and initiatiate a chat session to get a feel of who the other person is before deciding to go on dates.

But hurry! Membership is only free for the first 5,000 people who register. Get into latina dating at

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