Monday, October 29, 2007


I have a many relatives in Australia. It's one of the countries I want to visit but have not had the chance yet.

Adelaide which is a city full of beautiful churches is top on my list. They have wineries and tram rides there. Cruising the famous Murray River is a must when I get there. Of course I already checked online for Hotels in Adelaide for the best rates. It would seem Adelaide Hotels rates are not much higher than similiar standard hotels here in KL.

I would also like to visit Brisbane where it's famous for the Strabroke Islands and Moreton Bay. Relax in the beaches on their beautiful sunshine coast is a dream vacation come true. A quick online check reveals Brisbane Accommodation is quite affordable too.

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Hope said...

You should visit Australia the soonest. I moved from Phils just last year and everything's working out smoothly for me especially with work. But I still have a number of destinations to visit here since it is a country of many a must-see places that aren't in Asia.

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