Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gazing into the Google PR crystal ball

With Google PR update no where in sight, I had to gaze into some SEO websites crystal ball to see what they predicted.

This blog remains the same with the lowly PR 2/10 :(

Most of my other blogs remain the same too. There is one PR5 prediction though for my chess blog gilachess.com. At least that is good news - that is, if the predictions come true..

There are many prediction engines out there that are broken an return 0 for all my blogs. This is one that I found that looked believable.

You can try it at: http://www.odditysoftware.com/page-prpredict.htm

Anyway it's hard to believe my inactive blogs like andrewooi.com and thepatzer.com can jump from PR 0 to a PR 4 !! Guess I have to wait for the update (if there is one!) to see if the predictions come true.

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