Monday, October 29, 2007

Google Earth

When my uncle from Australia came down to visit, he introduced me to Google Earth.

Sure, I've heard about it but never really used it. The reason was because my PC at home was just a Pentium 3 and I was sure that it couldn't handle something as CPU and graphic intensive as Google Earth.

However, on that day, I had just bought my new Dell notebook and after hearing good things about it from my uncle, I installed it. The notebook was using a core duo chip so it was no problem.

What was impressive was that my uncle could show my parents and I his house and the area where he lived. We spent more than half an hour "flying" around his housing neighbourhood.

Then we tried to find the place my parents would be moving to in Cameron Highlands. Disappointment. Google Earth didn't have enough details on Cameron Highlands :(

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