Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad English hindering your blog?

Ok this is just what I think and it's not meant to be a direct criticism to the website. So if you are the owner, please take this as constructive criticism ok? Also, I'm just an insignificant blogger who happened to visit your blog, that's all.

I was compiling the top list of blogspot websites with the highest PR rankings when I came across

Cool I thought, because according to the Google PageRank history this blog is PR 5. However a check on my toolbar indicated it was now only PR 3. Guess this blog was the victim of Google's page demotion that has been going around lately.

But that's not what I want to talk about. The English used in the blog made my skin crawl. Maybe it's just me but when your site is in English, you should take care and spend some effort in getting the basic grammar right. I'm no English teacher, but I used to teach. It is a big responsiblity when your students depend on your communication skills to deliver to them something that they can consume, digest and understand. It's a great disservice if your students don't understand you because your English is bad.

Since my initial impression of the site as revealing "secrets" to blogging for money, I assume that the author has some elements of tips and coaching in his blog content.

Take his latest post:

Free 2GB Online Storage! Guarantee Free!

I just now come across the net and something interesting and free online storage. I go their site and found out that the give away 2GB online storage for new members sign up.

First I think this must need to pay, but when I try to sign up, the note that "Free 2GB Online Storage". Who don't like free stuff ya? ;)

Ok, now what you should do to get this free stuff is just register on that site, you can click it from here,Free 2GB Online Storage.

If you think you are not understand, you can visit here: How to get free 2GB online storage.

Here is the mistakes I spotted and the corrections:-

So take this as constructive criticism. Please run through some form of grammar check before you make your blog post. This applies for for high traffic sites like blogging secrets (I see a high number in his RSS feeds). Your readers can probably figure out the main points you are trying to get across but why make them scratch their head trying to understand certain sentences, right?

Then again, maybe it's me. I'm just too sensitive and my mind shuts off trying to make sense of a posts filled with mistakes in English.

You can fix the problems in two ways:
Use Microsoft Word
Fire up Microsoft word and paste your blog content there. See the squiggly red lines (spelling mistakes) and green squiggly lines (possible grammar mistakes). Of course, this will only point out the basic mistakes but it's a good start!

Get a friend to read it
Get a fried to proof read your article before you post. Preferably a blogging buddy who is online most of the time. Just message him or her and post your article into the IM / messenger window.

One of the reasons why PPP started off the PPP segmentation thing was because of bad English. Many non-US posties took offense to this and stated that our English is just fine. There's just a handful of bloggers whose English was really poor. I guess this is one example I've found on the web. Incidentally, the blogger in question is also a postie.


Helen said...

I thought you were going to talk about the segmentation thing. :-)

I've been to some ang moh blogs and some of them are just as bad. Honest. lol But then in all honesty, I don't see these blogs writing for PPP as much. Guess 3P is weeding out the bad ones.

As for the segmentation thing, I believe it's common sense. Unless a high percentage of your visitors are from the States, some of the ads are really irrelevant to our Asian market. *shrug* Of course I think it's possible some of the advertisers are just looking for SEO link juice...

Andrew Ooi said...

Whoops sorry about not talking about the segmentation thing. It's another rant I'm keeping in my future postings.

I did add a PS section after you commented :)

Yeah I agree, bad english is just a poor excuse for segmentation.

Still, I think they should not be a Geo segmentation for blogs whose readers may be primarily from the US.

Helen said...

Will be looking forward to your segmentation post

Without the Argus thing, it'll be hard to find out where your visitors are from. Maybe advertisers can ask for our stat readings..:-P

But then hor, this will be worse. Most Malaysian blogs strive on Malaysian visitors. At least mine did. said...


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