Monday, October 29, 2007

Nuffnang Experiment

One of the two newest and hottest local online ad company is Nuffnang. Being a local company I was excited and gave my full support in running their ad campaign. Not that there were big bucks in it but I was happy to get over RM200 for the few months I ran Nuffnang's various ad campaigns.

However on September and October my income from Nuffnang dropped to almost ZERO. I did what typical bloggers would do - I ranted about it. :)

Timothy Tiah, Nuffnang's head honcho took notice and wrote me a detail email telling me what went wrong. Talk about great customer support!!

I was enlightened by the lengthy explanantion telling me why I got zero income. One of the key thing that struck me was exclusivity. I had too many ads on my blogs so I did not appear attractive to advertisers as well as Nufffnang.

So here I am with an experiment. I removed most of my other ads including the top banner ad previously occupied by Advertlets (Nuffnang's arch-rival and nemesis) and reserved it for Nuffnang. Let's see if my situation of ZERO income improves. I'll let this experiment run for a month and report back the results if any.

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