Friday, October 19, 2007

Not making headway killing off Andrew Ooi

When I do a vanity Google search on my own name "Andrew Ooi", I expect my website to be right on top in the number one spot.

It was for several years until last year this Professor from Australia with the same name as mine knocked me of the number one position. I have been trying for several months now to regain my spot.

I even registered the domain to battle the false Andrew Ooi. The best position I got was at position no. 3. However, now there is yet another Andrew Ooi from Hollywood who has taken 3rd spot. Now I've dropped to no. 4.

I will work hard at it and learn all the SEO techniques including writing more useful articles to get myself indexed by Google. I can't stand not having the no.1 spot !!! :)

1 comment:

9W2BSD said...

Yes yes, I had that ..
Then i added Sex as my blog description and viola .. it went up to number 1